"It's not if you come to IBEX, it's when." - Dr. William Varner
The Master's College Israel Bible Extension program was founded in 1995 as a semester-abroad, in-depth study of the Scripture based on experiencing the land, culture, and language of the Bible first hand. Students are afforded the opportunity to live, travel, and study in the land for three months, where the combination of study and hands-on experience is unequalled. Doug Bookman, co-founder of the IBEX program, has been known to comment, "Everyone has an impression of the land of the Bible before they come. Their impression is wrong."


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Meet the IBEX class of Fall 2014!

Top Row from Left to Right: James Grunwald, Shellie Wong, Caleb Donato, Jordan Whorton, Lizzie Borisuk, Mary Jo Castro, Mishaela Parker, Lindsey Richardson, Jenny Ownbey, Jackie Doty
Second Row: Jonathan Wais, Nathan Krell, Wesley (Trace) Turner, Wesley Verhoef, Jordan Stoever, Martin Estrada, Joshua English, Kailey Richardson, Lindsay Christoph, Mindy & Sam McKinny, Chris McKinny,
Third Row: Yael & Odeliah Foreman, Benj & Yonatan Foreman, Yair Foreman, Elissa Brown, Amber Carbajal, Quilaztli Zamudio, Aubrea Wagner, Jordan Mutterties, Beth Cathcart, Jill Arthur, Stephanie Schlegel, Bill Schlegel, Isaiah Schlegel
Bottom Row: Patrick Ingoldsbey, Josiah Chin-A-Young, Jamie Bissmeyer, David Reas, Jared Kingsley, Sam Hebert, Ryan Krell, Zach Schlegel, Sarah Schlegel, Eitan Schlegel 

IBEX Staff & Families:

 Families from Left to Right:
The McKinneys: Chris, Mindy & their son Sam
The Foremans: Benj, Yael, & their kids Yair, Yonatan & Odeliah 
The Schlegels: Bill, Stephanie & their kids Zach, Isaiah, Eitan, & Sarah
Mishaela Parker

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