The Master's College IBEX Site - includes course descriptions, faculty profiles, programs, and departmental information.

Jerusalem Assembly - a local church in Jerusalem.

Associates for Biblical Research - an organization devoted to the archaeology of the Bible without sacrificing a commitment to the historicity of Scripture. IBEX is associated with ABR, and we recommend them to all interested in biblical archaeology. - photographs and descriptions of sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece with an emphasis on biblical archaeology, geography, and history. Developed by former IBEX professor Todd Bolen.

U.S. State Department Travel Advisories - news on international safety.


The Jerusalem Post - English language daily from Israel.

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News - news from a conservative, religious Jewish perspective.

Haaretz Daily Newspaper - the English version of a popular left-leaning Israeli newspaper.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the official government web site with news and great links.

The Jerusalem Report - a popular Israeli magazine in English.

Kol Israel - radio broadcasts of news from Israel.

The Caspari Center Media Review - summaries of recent articles in the Israeli media about Christians and messianic Jews.


Jewish World Review - online opinion articles from noted conservative writers and scholars.


The Master's College - IBEX's parent institution.



Bible Lands Project - see biblical sites with 360 degree views.

Biblia Hebraica - lessons and quizzes on biblical Hebrew.

Jewish Facts - billing itself as "Judaism 101," this site covers many of the basic questions about the Jewish people and faith, including "Who is a Jew?", the dietary laws, the Jewish holidays, etc.

Judaism and Jewish Resources - links to everything Jewish.

Learn to read biblical Hebrew - learn Hebrew on the web. Excellent links.


Western Wall Camera - a live picture of the most holy place in Judaism. We'll wave and you tell us if you see us :-).

Jerusalem Model - this model shows the city as it was in the days of Jesus.

The Israel Museum - the best museum for materials related to the Bible.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem - useful site with a lot of good information on the Temple Mount, including texts from Charles Warren's surveys.

Yad Vashem - the Holocaust Museum of Israel.


Neot Kedumin (Biblical Gardens) - a reserve of biblical trees, shrubs, and flowers. This site includes virtual tours of the gardens in the different seasons.


ABZU Archaeological Sites - index of internet sites about archaeological excavations.

Archaeological Digs in Israel - maintained by Israel’s Ministry of Information, this site gives information on all
the current excavations in Israel.

Biblical Archaeology Review - popular magazine on the subject.

Israel Department of Antiquitiesupdates on latest finds in Israel.

The Jewish Student Online Research Center - archaeological and background information, with good graphics.

Links for Biblical Archaeology - excellent list of sites pertaining to biblical archaeology.

Ritmeyer Archaeological Design - Leen Ritmeyer is an expert on the Temple Mount.


Answers in Genesis Ministries – good site on creationism. The founder and executive director is Ken Ham.

Best of the Christian Web - something of the Christian version of Yahoo. Good links, but they are slow on updating.

Bible History - extensive site, but slow loading. See their Biblical Maps and Geography.

Biblical Studies Foundation - theological essays written mostly by Dallas Seminary faculty or graduates.

Christian Answers - Christian answers for every topic under the sun including theology, movie reviews, creationism, ethics, and history.

Computer Assisted Theology - impressive collection of links for Biblical studies.

Genesis Flood - interesting information related to the flood and Noah's ark.

Genesis Research - this site covers topics related to Genesis 1-11 from a conservative perspective.

Institute for Creation Research - featuring experts such as Henry Morris, John Morris, and Duane Gish.

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