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Students from Dallas Theological Seminary and the Master's Seminary participated in study tours during May.

Fall 2014 Semester starts, Lord willing, in August.

IBEX, Spring 2014
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Sharon Plain
Negev Field Trip
Tel Aviv Beach Day
Shephelah II
Nahal Parat Hike
Shephelah I
Jerusalem Approaches
En Gedi Hike
Benjamin Field Trip
Jerusalem New Testament Walk

Jerusalem New City
Jerusalem City of David
Jerusalem Old Testament
Jerusalem Old City

38.1 SP 14 Group photo

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Ryan Dolan, Camille Bernados, Krista Curtis, Anna Tulip, Alexandria Wisberg, Ronna Margallo, Kelli Clark, Lana Mrochuk, Natalie Turner
Second Row: Rachel Horner, Erica Thielen, Keenan Williams, Conner Parkinson, Kevin Yarian, N’Gai Fentress, LaMaya Swain, Yael, Odeliah and Yair Foreman
Third Row: Stephanie and Bill Schlegel, Cody Draa, Mary Sliwinkski,Dan Bigelow,Eitan Schlegel, Steven Westrup, Ann Hamory, Machaela Brazil, Devon Goff, Benj and Jonathan Foreman
Top Row: Isaiah and Zach Schlegel, Darren Lightfoot, Seth Connell, Peter Sinn, Rachel Pennington, Jackie Jones, Tara Hubbard, Brooke Hall, Grace Baghdasarian

Ibex Staff & Families

(Left to Right): Isaiah, Zach, Eitan, Stephanie, Bill and Sarah Schlegel, Benj, Jonathan, Yair and Yael Foreman, Natalie Turner, Wendy Simpson and Rachel Schlegel