Let IBEX Alumni Tell You Why You Should... (check out this video)
“I have visited Israel and other countries of the Middle East on numerous occasions since 1965, and recently as a participant of the IBEX program.  Without reservation I am convinced that this is the finest academic program of its kind.  The major historical and archaeological sites are included with detailed and well-informed comment on every aspect of their relevance to the Bible…The program is academically and physically rigorous, but its results will change one's life and ministry in incalculably positive ways.” -Dr. Eugene Merrill, Professor of Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary
  "Since I went to IBEX in '97 I had to go back again, so I did in 2000. What did it benefit me? I not only have an extensive knowledge of the geography of Israel, but I have a much deeper understanding of and respect for the Jewish people. IBEX gave me the tools to not only understand Scripture more clearly but to explain it to those who have not walked the land of the Bible!" - Kirby Thompson

"Six years ago I attended IBEX and my passion for the Middle East began, thanks to the wisdom, teaching and sharing of the 'parents' of IBEX. Since then I've been back to live in Israel working on an International Politics degree and am now an international law student, with an emphasis in the Middle East. Thanks IBEX! I wouldn't be here without it." - Alecia Mercier

"Although I went to IBEX almost three years ago, I still share stories of God's faithfulness in the land of Israel. I am now a public school teacher, teaching 5/6th grade history and I share my pictures and experiences to my unsaved students as we learn about ancient history. It is incredible to be able to "discuss" God's promised land, people, events, history as well as my recent memories as a testimony of God's existence. I anticipate sharing my pictures and stories to all my future students so they may understand how IBEX changed my life and give them an opportunity to learn the Truth. May my past and present experiences glorify Him in all that I do!" - Katy PikopIMG_6486

"As an alumni of IBEX, and one who joined the semester from a different college (Western Baptist College, now Corban College) at that time, I encourage you to go to Israel. The Lord used this experience in my life as a stepping stone and to confirm my desire for missions - sharing God's Word - The Land of the Bible with those who haven't heard. My husband and I, upon my graduation, joined a mission board and are now appointee missionaries to the country of Venezuela. Now when I read the Scriptures, I can picture in my mind the actual place where it happened. This experience helps me to share His Word with others in a more descriptive way. God can use you, and will use you, and IBEX is a tool for your future." - Nikki Hodsdon

IMG_4569 "As a teacher education major I thought my IBEX experience would be used mainly for spiritual and personal reasons. However, I have found that my Israel, Egypt, and Jordan studies have come in handy on numerous occasions as I interact with students. They are an excellent complement to school curriculum (5th and 6th grades especially) and with growing Jewish and Muslim populations my increased knowledge has provided opportunities to connect intimately with students and parents." - Sarah Woodson
"I realize how fortunate I really was when I talk to all the people that would give so much to go to Israel for a week, let alone three months. I have learned so much. I am so thankful for the lessons I learned, not just about Israel and the Bible, but about wisdom, relationships, and sin. God always surprises me in what he wants me to learn, and it is so good. I will carry the lessons of Israel with me for the rest of my life." - Philip AndersonIMG_7082
Seeing the land of the Bible makes all the difference. This year a doctoral dissertation was completed entitled, "The Benefits of Understanding and Experiencing the Historical Geography of Israel." Part of the study included a survey, and 2/3 of the participants were IBEX alumni. 98% said that historical geography helps their memory of biblical events and applications. 96% said that their love for God and the Bible was increased through the study of historical geography. And 99% agree that experiencing the land of Israel has strengthened their spiritual life. An additional conclusion was that the longer one spends in Israel, the greater impact the land has on their walk with God.
 IMG_6583 Another doctoral dissertation also has recently been completed titled "Academic and Spiritual Impact of a Semester Abroad Program in Israel on its Undergraduate Participants." In its summary conclusions, the study asserted that the positive impact of the shared living experience of IBEX in relationship to academic and spiritual formation is significant. It notes that IBEX has effectively and skillfully created a positive learning environment.

Learning the Bible in the Land of the Bible is a powerful tool but even more, such study is only enhanced when done by an effective program in conjunction with learned and capable faculty and staff. This combination is what IBEX offers.